Thank you for your interest in Plato Academy K-8 Charter Schools. Plato Academy Charter Schools are public charter schools that do not charge tuition. Below you will find information about our application process. As demand for a Plato Academy education has increased, we have responded in order to accommodate as many families as possible by increasing our enrollment through the addition of new schools. Please complete an application for each and every location for which you have an interest.

Students that submit completed applications during an open application period will be selected for enrollment either on a first come-first serve basis (when there are more seats than student applications received during the open application period), or through a lottery process (when there are more student applications than seats available during an open application period).

If a lottery is conducted, students’ names will be randomly drawn (excluding those with an enrollment preference) and numbered sequentially as chosen and recorded in that order. Available seats are filled first and remaining students are placed on a waiting list in the order of their drawing. Students will be notified of their admission status shortly after the lottery date via e-mail and/or telephone. Plato Academy lottery drawings are open to the public and all lottery dates and locations will be posted on the website. During the lottery process a school official such as the School Principal or a designee such as the Enrollment Specialist, will draw and record the names in the presence of another school or management official.

Please note that the placement of your student on Plato Academy’s wait list will not impact or interfere with your students’ enrollment at any other Pinellas County public or charter school, and it will be your option to accept or decline an invitation should a seat become available at Plato Academy. Enrollment is contingent on student interest, availability of qualified staff, and facilities.

2017-2018 School Year:

Open Enrollment periods for all Grades - K-2:

July 15 - July 23 - Lottery and results to be sent out: July 24
July 24 - July 30 - Lottery and results to be sent out: July 31
July 31 - August 8 - Lottery and results to be sent out: August 9
August 9 - August 13 - Lottery and results to be sent out: August 14
August 14 - August 20 - Lottery and results to be sent out: August 20
August 21 - August 27 - Lottery and results to be sent out: August 28

Lottery Time for each date noted above is 9:00 AM and will be held at
Plato Academy Clearwater, 2045 Palmetto Street, Clearwater, FL 33765.
Need not be present, email notifications will be sent to all applicants.

Capacity: 126 seats.

For any questions, please contact Rina Psomas, Director of Admissions, at
NOTE: The application below is ONLY for grades Kindergarten through 8th grade. NOT VPK or Pre-K.