Greek Language and Cultural Studies

Learning a second language in elementary school is almost second nature to children. More importantly, being able to communicate and function in Greek, the language that is the basis for math, science, English, history, literature, and other academic subjects, will enable students to excel throughout school, college, and future professions.


Learning Greek significantly impacts a child’s academic success in elementary, secondary, and college-level learning environments. Knowledge of Greek root-words and derivitives also benefit learners in the business world. Why else do we teach Greek?

    • Base language of all Western European languages and serves as a springboard to other languages
    • Sharpens the mind by enhancing reading ability and mathematical computation
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Greek Certified:

Plato Academy is proud to announce that we have been certified by Center of Greek Language in Greece to represent them as a Testing Center in the Tampa area. Plato Academy schools and the Greek department nominated students to participate in the 2013 assessment and certification process. 100% of Plato students taking the exam passed.

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