Why Plato?

At Plato, the students are not just another number as in most public schools. The small school and class sizes create a family environment that affords individualized attention and care. At Plato, teaching time is maximized as disruptions are minimized. We offer additional instruction in Greek, music and art.


Unlike private schools, Plato is highly accountable for its performance to the local school district and Florida Department of Education. In contrast to most private schools, all of Plato’s teachers are certified and are paid at the highest competitive level.


1. Tuition-free private school setting teaching family values
2. Individualized instruction, small class sizes
3. Challenging curriculum, nurturing environment, firm and fair discipline
4. All Florida certified teachers
5. Implementing 1:1 take-home iPad initiative
6. Smartboards in all classrooms - first in the State of Florida
7. Among the highest FCAT scores in the state
8. Instruction in Greek as second language
9. Organized sports
10. Parent participation required
11. Mandatory uniform policy
12. Several educational field trips each year
13. Pre-School available on campus
14. Great before & after care enrichment programs
15. Tutoring in reading, writing, mathematics & Greek


Our teachers are dedicated to the development of the whole child and engage in interactive and fun activities with each child to help support their social , emotional , psysical and academic growth.

A Plato Academy teacher has the ability To understand all learning styles and be able teach to all of them while having high stadards for all of their students and inspire them to have their own standards. They are able to keep calm in any situation and be fair and consistent in grading and discipline. Our teachers comminicate with parents of every student through newsletters, personal notes, phone calls and conferences to keep them involved in their child’s learning processes.


-All Plato Academy Schools are rated "A" schools year after year by the Florida Department of Education. Our students are champions in and out of the classroom: Plato Academy soccer, flag football, basketball and cheerleading teams all achieved first place rankings in the 2011-2012 Private Athletic League Schools competition. Plato Academy schools focus on the total child, encouraging students to excel in creative and athletic endeavors as well as core academics. Our Clearwater campus earned the highest number of quality points compared to any Pinellas County public school, based upon FCAT scores. No other school in the county performed as strongly.


Plato Academy is an independent Pinellas County public charter school governed by an independent board. Charter schools are autonomous, innovative public schools demonstrating a record of higher student achievement and greater accountability for results. As such, Plato has the ability to set its own rules, policies, procedures and curriculum. Our policies mirror those of area fundamental schools that include adherence to a strict discipline policy, mandatory uniforms, parent involvement, and individualized, optimum classroom instruction.