Dear families, 

Thank you for your flexibility as the weather and field conditions have caused a delay in our soccer season. Attached is an updated soccer schedule. 

Tuesday, Jan. 22nd:

4:00p – Tarpon Springs vs. Palm Harbor

4:00p – Clearwater vs. Largo

Tuesday, Feb. 5th: PPD from Jan. 29th

4:00p – Largo vs. Seminole

4:00p – Tarpon Springs vs. Clearwater

Thursday, Feb. 7th: PPD from Jan. 31st

4:00p – Palm Harbor vs. Seminole

4:00p – Largo vs. Tarpon Springs

Monday, Feb. 11th: PPD from Jan. 24th

4:00p – Seminole vs. Tarpon Springs

4:00p – Clearwater vs. Palm Harbor

Tuesday, Feb. 12th:

4:00p – Seminole vs. Clearwater

4:00p – Palm Harbor vs. Largo

Thursday, Feb. 14th:

4:00p – Palm Harbor vs. Tarpon Springs

4:00p – Largo vs. Clearwater

Tuesday, Feb. 19th:

4:00p – Tarpon Springs vs. Seminole

4:00p – Palm Harbor vs. Clearwater

Thursday, Feb. 21st:

4:00p – Seminole vs. Largo

4:00p – Clearwater vs. Tarpon Springs


Tuesday, Feb. 26th:

4:00p – Seminole vs. Palm Harbor

4:00p – Tarpon Springs vs. Largo

Thursday, Feb. 28th:

4:00p – Clearwater vs. Seminole
4:00p – Largo vs. Tarpon Springs
4:00p – Largo vs. Palm Harbor

Tuesday, Mar. 5th:

4:00p – #1 v. #4

4:00p – #2 v. #3

Thursday, Mar. 7th: CHAMPIONSHIP

4:00p – #1/#4 Winner v. #2/#3 Winner

4:00p – #1/4 Loser v. #2/#3 Loser


– All games will be at 4:00 pm at the Long Center Tuesdays and Thursdays. Each team will have a Tuesday/Thursday off.

– There will be five teams participating in the Soccer season: Tarpon Springs, Palm Harbor, Clearwater, Largo, and Seminole.



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