Dear Plato Academy Parents,

A few days ago, I relayed a message to you on behalf of the entire Board of Directors, about the coronavirus’ potential impact on the 2020-21 school year opening.

Because conditions are everchanging and parents understandably remain concerned, we are now issuing this update. Please know that:

1. We remain committed to providing each Plato child with an excellent education in a safe and nurturing environment.

2. We are obligated to follow the requirements identified by the state of Florida as well as the individual district and local health department under whose jurisdiction each of our schools falls.

3. These requirements often change and remain incomplete (for example, we are awaiting an announcement from the Pinellas district on July 14, and the Hillsborough District recently modified some of its previous policies). We want to continue to communicate information as clearly and definitively as possible.

4. On July 6, Florida’s Commissioner of Education issued a mandate that all schools must open with regular face-to-face instruction. However, schools may submit alternative reopening plans, but those must be approved: 1) by the specific district; and then 2) by the Florida Department of Education. Plato Academy is developing a reopening plan that will give our parents the choice of sending their children back to school in a traditional brick and mortar setting OR to continue attending Plato Academy through a distance learning option similar to what was offered in the spring. Therefore, if our plan is approved, you would have the choice to either send your child to school for face-to-face instruction or to allow him or her to learn from home through a distance learning format.

5. We care very much about what you think! This is why we have included a link to a survey that we ask you to complete. We will place much emphasis on your comments as we shape our reopening plan which, again, would have to be approved by both the district and the state in order for us to implement it.

We understand and empathize with your anxiety. We will continue to keep you informed every few days as details develop, and we look forward to your survey comments. The sooner you submit them, the sooner we can evaluate the results.



Louis Kokkinakos
Chairman, Board of Directors

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