Plato Academy teachers are getting ready for the new 2018-2019 school year. This Thursday, August 2nd, teachers and administrators from all nine campuses got together for a full day’s training that focused on the following subjects:

Classroom Management
Tested teaching strategies for the classroom
Collaborative Grouping, Mapping
Latest strategies and techniques in teaching reading and comprehension
Enhancing teaching by implementing the latest tech tools in the classroom
Tech Tools & STEAM in the Classroom
Hands On Equations (Interactive activities that help students understand equations)
Differentiating Using Math Daily Three
Mental Health
Enrichment & Rigor for All Students
Differentiation in the classroom (helping students by working with them at their level)
Integrating iStation resources into Whole Group & Center Instruction
Dyslexia: Change the Narrative: 1 in 5
SeeSaw & Quizlet in the Classroom
Using ISIP for benchmarking and progress monitoring
Growth Mindset in the school environment

These seminars that take place before the beginning of a school year are always a great opportunity to introduce our new teachers while we meet again our old staff members.

Teachers are getting their classrooms ready for Open House on Thursday, August 9th and are looking forward to meeting their new students!

Training Sessions Schedule.

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