Bullying Prevention

Plato Academy Charter schools are committed to the prevention of any cyberbullying/bullying behaviors and will take subsequent swift action in response to any reported cyberbullying/bullying or harassment incidents in accordance with Florida Statute 1006.147. Providing a quality education in an environment of safety is a core value to the administration and teachers at Plato Academy as referenced in our Mission Statement. Students shall adhere to the Code of Student Conduct policies in the Plato Academy Handbook. For definitions of Bullying and/or Cyberbullying, please check our handbook and know it is prohibited during school, via school equipment, at school-sponsored events, or by any electronic act that results in the disruption of the orderly operation of the school or educational environment, whether or not the electronic act originated on school property or with school equipment.

Reporting an act of bullying/cyberbullying, or harassment: Any student, staff, volunteer, or parent/legal guardian who witnesses bullying, or has reliable information that a student has been the victim of cyberbullying/bullying, as defined above, shall report the incident to the principal or designated representative immediately either in person, via email, or anonymously. Once the report has been received, the principal or designated representative will begin an investigation.

Pinellas County Students and parents can report anonymously to the following sites:



Pasco County Students and parents can report anonymously to the following site: http://www.pasco.k12.fl.us/ssps/stop_bullying/

Hillsborough County Students and parents can report anonymously on the school’s website at the designated prompt or on the following site:


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