Grade Name Email
K M. Beck
K J. Kenning
K K. Repici
1st B. Motyka
1st H. Burnette
1st M. Beard
2nd J. Usma-Ramirez
2nd S. Hacker
2nd K. Seals
3rd M. Harvey
T. Sawyer
M. Eisenbacher
4th L. Massarsky
A. Gregory
E. Garos
5th J. Hollander
5th A. Quinonez
Middle School
ELA F. LoDuca
ELA S. Smallwood
Math A. Cummings
Math J. Mazak
Science M. Bart
SS T. Kenning
PE Coach Gibbons
PE Coach Garos
PE Coach Puka
Greek K Aretis
Greek F. Kokalidis
Greek G. Stamati
Art S. Harvey
Music A. Lindsay
J. Young
R. Train
Gifted M. Stephenson
Guidance T. Hutto
PreK N. Vaughn
About Our Teachers
At Plato Academy, we strongly believe that the teachers are our number one asset. The quality of our teachers parallels the quality of our school. We select our teachers through a very extensive selection process.
At Plato Academy, our teachers are:
  • Experienced in their field and time tested
  • Certified, highly trained and qualified
  • Love teaching children
  • Committed to success of every child
  • Great role models
  • Effective and cohesive as a team
  • Fair, honest and loving
  • Cooperative and available to parents
  • Actively teach kindness and peace