Greek Influence

Learning a second language in elementary school is almost second nature to children. More importantly, being able to communicate and function in Greek, the language that is the basis for math, science, English, history, literature, and other academic subjects, will enable students to excel throughout school, college, and future professions. Doctors, nurses, lawyers, educators, clergymen, engineers, scientists, and business professionals will affirm that a second language, especially Greek, is a valuable asset. Learning Greek at a young age sharpens the mind by enhancing reading ability and mathematical computation. Greek will also serve as a springboard to other languages. Learning Greek will have a significant impact on children’s academic success in middle school, high school, college, and the business world.


Plato Academy Physical Education Program K-8

The PE Department at Plato Academy is proud of our exceptional curriculum, SPARK (Sports, Play, Active Recreation for Kids).
The objectives of our physical education program are:
– To enjoy and seek out physical activity
– Develop & maintain levels of fitness
– Develop the ability to get along with others in movement environments.
– Develop a variety of basic movement and manipulative skills so they will experience success.

Our teachers are enthusiastic and dedicated to the quality of physical education at Plato Academy. We believe in building not only athletic skills, but also character and sportsmanship in every child. Quality physical education is both developmentally and instructionally relevant for all children being served. Students psychomotor (body movement), cognitive (intellect), and affective (feelings) experiences are recognized and accommodated in developmentally appropriate instruction. Controlled studies have shown that physically fit students are more likely to get better grades. Our enriched SPARK curriculum and P.E. program, maximizes opportunities for learning success for all of our Plato Academy students, leading them on a path to a healthy lifestyle.


Athletic Department Middle School Competitive Sports Program

Plato Academy Sports program consists of co-ed sports. We have highly competitive teams that participate in organized games against local schools. Our program offers soccer, flag-football, and basketball for grades 6-8. We also offer a wonderful cheerleading program that is open to all ages.


Music Education is important

Schools with music programs have higher graduation rates than those without programs. (90.2% as compared to 72.9%) (source:

• Students score higher on standardized tests especially in English and Math than students with no music at all. (Source: MENC Journal, winter 2006, vol.54, No. 4)

• Students of music outperform their no-arts peers on the SAT according to the College Entrance Exam Board. (Source:

• Some Measures of a child’s intelligence are increased with music instruction. (Source:


Hands-on Percussion


Orff philosophy encourages children to experience music on many levels. This includes speech/chants, movement, singing, drama and playing pitched instruments. We begin recorder instruction in first grade and supplement with a mixed set of soprano, alto, and bass xylophones, mettallophones, glockenspiels. Before the students use mallets, we practice helpful exercises using body percussion.

BOOMWACKER percussion tubes are being used as a part of the school curriculum. We were looking for an attractive, hands-on device that would be fun for students and provide a variety of sounds. We use them with recorders and hand bells. The tubes make it easy to facilitate a creative, non-competitive atmosphere that fosters learning.

Art Education

The mission of the Plato Academy Art department is to provide quality arts education for all students by adhering to a Discipline-Based Arts Education program.

This program presents a sound art curriculum including the following components: art production, art history, art criticism and aesthetics. This ensures that all students receive a rigorous study of the arts and also involves the integration of the arts into any curriculum including math and social studies.

Students also participate in an annual student art exhibit in which they have the opportunity to showcase their talents and creativity to family and friends.


Plato is leading the way in the union of technology and education. Our state of the art curriculums have many resources available online, aiding students and parents to extend learning to the home after the school day has ended.

In the classrooms, each child in grades 3-8 has their own laptop for use. Each K-2 classroom has a minimum of 5 computers. This, coupled with Smart interactive whiteboards in every classroom, takes learning out of the books, and brings it to life.

Online payments for lunches, before and after care programs and field trips make it easy and convenient for busy parents.

As this website continues to evolve, parents will become more interactively involved in the day to day communication in their child’s school environment.