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Dear Plato Academy Families,


The Governor signed four bills passed yesterday during the Special Session which impact Public Schools.  Under House Bill 1, school districts can no longer require a mask mandate even with a parent “opt-out” form. Parents may continue to have their child wear a face covering at their discretion.

For your review, please see the information below provided by the state:


HB1 – COVID-19 Mandates – This bill prohibits employers, private and public, from requiring that their employees get vaccinated for COVID-19 without providing several opt-out options, which effectively render any attempted mandate pretty much meaningless.  With respect to school districts, the bill prohibits COVID-19 vaccination mandates for students, prohibits any face covering mandates for students (masks, face shields, or anything else), and puts into law the same quarantine restrictions currently in place under the Department of Health rule while also applying them to district employees. Significant fines can be imposed for certain violations.  The biggest difference between the recent status and what this law now requires is that mask mandates that require parental opt-out forms are no longer allowed, and the asymptomatic quarantine provisions now apply to employees as well as students.


Major areas identified in House Bill 1 include:

✓ Government entities may not require COVID-19 vaccinations of anyone, including employees;

✓ Educational institutions may not require students to be COVID-19 vaccinated;

✓ School districts may not have school face mask policies;

✓ School districts may not quarantine healthy students.


Plato Academy Schools will continue to implement mitigation strategies recommended by the CDC, including but not limited to, availability of hand sanitizer, encouraging hand washing, and working with our local health partners to provide guidance and opportunities for vaccinations within our community.  The health and wellness of our students and staff will continue to remain our top priority.


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