Exceptional Student Education

At the core of Plato Academy’s mission is the commitment “to assist students in achieving their full potential by requiring and nurturing high academic and behavioral standards in a safe, supporting, challenging and enthusiastic environment…” Our ESE department works in collaboration with the Student Services Director, ESE teachers, contracted service providers, and our partner district personnel to provide students quality, individualized educational plans to enable all students to access their full academic and behavioral potential. Students grades K-8 who meet eligibility requirements receive special education services, which include educational and behavioral support. Services are designed to both meet individual needs of students while also allowing access to the least restrictive general education instructional environment with general education peers to the maximum extent appropriate for each student.

Gifted Classes

The mission of the Gifted Department of Plato Academy is to provide academic enrichment to children who demonstrate a need for challenges beyond the general education classroom setting. Gifted students conduct research and explore more in depth material across many subject areas while engaging in activities promoting creativity and problem-solving. STEM based activities are incorporated as well as project-based learning.

Roman characters play in Gifted class
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