Thank you all for participating in the Florida Charter Schools Alliance meeting. It was a great opportunity for parents and teachers to learn more about issues facing charter schools at the state and local level.
Former state representative Ralph Arza presented Plato Academy parents, teachers and board members with awards recognizing their passion and dedication to improving education for Florida students. Mr. Arza also recognized Steve Christopoulos with an award for years of dedication and service making Plato Academy schools “among the very best schools in Florida.”
Mr. Christopoulos thanked all of his staff and parents for choosing Plato Academy and setting high expectations for their children and their volunteer work.

Plato Academy Honorees
Steve Christopoulos – President & CEO

Nick Chatzopoulos – Teacher Extraordinaire
James Sciandra – ALL PRO Dad
Janet Frye – Clearwater Campus
Leann Burns- Clearwater Campus
Kendra Polachy – Largo Campus
Stacy Ybarra – Largo Campus
Mandy Westrich – Largo Campus
Melissa Hamilton – Largo Campus
Rachel Bridge – St. Petersburg Campus
Tressy Guadagno – St. Petersburg Campus
Fran Jehlen – Seminole Campus
Tara Croft – Seminole Campus
Erin Weider – Seminole Campus
David Jehlen – Seminole Campus
Sarah Vann – Tarpon Springs Campus
Claudia Hendrickson – Tarpon Springs Campus
Monica Chmara – Palm Harbor Campus
Steven Garufo – Palm Harbor Campus
Chris Alahouzos – Non-Profit Governing Board Member

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