Fundamental Approach

Character Development

Plato Academy follows the principle of effective learning: the learner’s ability to understand and interact with what is being presented. The school is designed for students with potential for creativity, emotional growth, and leadership. Advanced students have opportunities to learn at an accelerated pace.

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Small School Environment

We uphold high standards, strong motivation, effective discipline and an atmosphere of caring to foster excellence at Plato Academy, a public charter school with private-school advantages.

While providing a stimulating and demanding education, Plato Academy gives students a high level of individualized attention. Every student is special at our small prk-8 schools with an average of fewer than 18 students per class and a low student-to-teacher ratio.

Firm Discipline

At Plato Academy, we believe appropriate student behavior will ensure uninterrupted teaching and encourage an atmosphere conducive to learning. The school offers an enriched disruption-free environment through optimum instruction, support and encouragement.

The focus is on responsibility and strict discipline for students, accountability through testing, uniform and dress code compliance, and parent involvement. All students also receive instruction in science, physical education, the humanities, music, drama and art. The Socratic method of teaching is used emphasizing discussion and dialogue to develop critical thinking skills.

Parent Involvement

Children enjoy greater success in school when the adults they admire most take an interest in their education. Our students’ parents are encouraged to commit to 30 volunteer hours each year for the school. These hours foster closer relationships and ensure a more secure learning environment.

As parents of the students who attend Plato Academy, we hope that you will take part in the events and activities we sponsor for the children. You not only get to know the teacher and the curriculum but also how you could best reinforce the material at home. The most important parental role of all, however, is to shape your child’s attitude toward learning and school, communicate high expectations, and help him or her set goals and solve learning problems.

Whole child approach

Students at Plato Academy are taught with a Whole Child Approach. They aren’t only molded to think in the classroom but they are also guided in developing in all areas of life. There is guidance towards acquiring skills in art, music, sports, and a sense of community with others. We strive to help each child become a well-rounded person.

Uniform policy

Plato Academy Schools is a group of 9 charter schools governed by an independent board. As such, Plato has the ability to set its own rules, policies, procedures and curriculum. Our policies are similar to those of area schools that include adherence to a strict discipline policy, mandatory uniforms, parent involvement, and individualized, optimum classroom instruction. Plato Academy has partnered with Risse Brothers to provide school uniforms to our students.


At Plato Academy, we believe that our guidance and counseling program is an essential and integral part of our educational program. We understand that guidance and counseling is vital for our students to achieve personalized, relevant learning and to develop meaningful educational plans while in school and beyond. We believe that the academic, career, personal-social, and community involvement skills and knowledge that students need for success in schools and in life are attainable when guidance and counseling is provided in a consistent and developmental way for each and every student.

We acknowledge that guidance and counseling is not a service offered by one person or department but a program coordinated with all educators and supporting personnel. We recognize that the program should involve parents, athletic coaches-and trainers, and that the broader community and content must be integrated into the curriculum.

Family values

At Plato Academy, we believe that supporting family values is paramount. Through our Character Education Program students learn the importance of values like respect, honesty, and kindness to name a few. In today’s forever evolving world, there are many diverse ways to define a family, but they all have one common idea: Caring and Commitment to each students’ success.

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