Dear Olympian families,

One year ago our area was directly impacted by Hurricane Irma and so many from around the country came to Florida’s aid.  Now it is time to help our neighbors who are going to be impacted by Florence. The Largo Olympian NJHS is asking for your help to help them.  Donations of supplies, water, and other items will be needed for families and pets in the storm’s path.  If you wish to help let’s start collecting now.

The office will be collecting paper goods, toiletries, cleaning products, brushes, gloves, bottled water, nonperishable food, first-aid kits, flashlights, batteries, baby items, pet food, and gift cards.

As the storm passes you can look to donate to trusted online charities, GoFundMe pages, or local charities.  We will also accept gift cards that will help for families to easily purchase needed materials as they try to rebuild.  Let’s think about what we needed last year and get them what they will need once this storm passes.

Thank you for your consideration and once we know where to drop off our collected items we will be sure to pass the information to you.