Dear Parents,

The entire Board of Directors and I wish you a safe and healthy experience as our schools and most other businesses and organizations around us remain temporarily closed.

At this time, Plato Academy Schools – as all other Florida public schools – remain closed through April 15. Whether or not they reopen after April 15 remains undecided as of this writing, and your principals will keep you updated.

Please know that we are working diligently every day to educate your children in the best way possible during the closing. Although our principals, assistant principals, teachers, administrators, and staff are working from home, they are working every day and having meetings online to adapt to the situation continuously as it evolves.

Plans are already in place for the distance teaching of your children. Please know that because online learning requires the collaboration of teachers, students, parents, and technology on both ends, some glitches may occur. This is normal. If that happens, please do not be discouraged: even under normal circumstances, it usually takes a few days, maybe weeks, for the teaching and learning process to function smoothly. We hope this will not be the case, but it is entirely possible that it may take awhile, not only at Plato but at every other school that is now converting to distance learning during this time of closing.

As always, your principals are available and will continue to reach out to you with updates as they develop. Questions specifically regarding child care should be sent to that program’s Executive Director, Emily Ralston, at:

In any case, your principals remain available to address any concerns you have.

Finally, this is a great learning opportunity for all of us, particularly the children, to establish and improve good hygiene habits. That means not only washing hands frequently, but avoiding unnecessary touching of the face, taking shoes off near the front door when returning home from the outside, and wiping down cell phones, tablets, and other gadgets often.

Again, we remain diligent to providing the best possible educational experience for your children under the current circumstances, and we look forward to the day when our Plato family can all reunite, face-to-face.


Louis Kokkinakos
Chairman, Plato Academy Board of Directors

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