Dear Plato St. Pete Parents,

I hope you are having a safe and restful summer.


Like all parents of schoolchildren, you are understandably concerned about Plato’s plans for the new schoolyear. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I will be sending you a message about that after the weekend.

I also know that you have another concern, specific to St. Pete, regarding the completion of the new campus, and I know that has been on your minds for a very long time.

Were it not for the coronavirus, the campus would be completely ready to go right now, and teachers would be fine-tuning the setup of their new classrooms. However, because of the slowdown, we are not quite there yet.

Please know that we remain focused on a plan that, on Day One of the 2020-21 school year, would provide 100% of classes to be held at the new campus (assuming the district provides for a traditional opening). It is quite possible that all of the work will be completed by then, and even sooner.

However, in case there is some holdup in the completion of construction, other possibilities remain, including reimagining the property more efficiently, temporarily, to ensure enough teaching and learning space for everyone, obtaining portable classrooms, etc.

Of course, if all schools begin in virtual (online) mode, as we did for the last portion of the 2019-20 school year, then this won’t even be an issue. However, we are preparing as if we will open traditionally, face-to-face, on Day One, but also having our backup plans in mind in case we are directed by our districts, and the state of Florida, to resume distance education.

We will continue to keep you posted throughout the process as more information develops, both in terms of the school year opening and the new campus completion.


Louis Kokkinakos
Chairman – Board of Directors

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