Reading as a family can boost happiness, literacy skills, and improve behavior and attention in young children.

Since 1994, November is the month during which an emphasis is placed in reading as a family. The benefits are well worth the effort.

Family Reading - National Family Literacy Month

When children begin early to cultivate a love for books and reading, they gain a positive attitute toward knowledge. This can define their success later in life and it’s not a secret that this is a skill that the ultra successful people have in common: They do read and they read a lot.

As parents we can be an example to our children. Here are some of the ways to do this:

  • Read every day (even for only half hour) books on a subject you are interested in and share your exitement about it with your children. There is a good chance your children will also pick up this habbit by watching you
  • Let books be accessible around the house for all family members
  • Visit public libraries with your child at least once a week
  • Ask your child questions about the books he/she reads
  • Ask your child to read to you (and show sincere interest)
  • Read aloud a story to your child
  • Find books that have been made into movies and note the details that were ommited from the movie version

Public Libraries: Pinellas county, Pasco County, Hillsborough County


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