On February almost 700 of Plato Academy’s greater family joined in together for what turned out to be an epic camping trip. Hosted by Plato Academy’s All Pro Dad program over 150 Plato dads contributed in various ways to make this trip a reality for all the families. Attendees shared 6 meals together, enjoyed a golf cart parade, competed in a scavenger hunt, watched outdoor movies at night with smores, popcorn, and hot chocolate, participated in field day games for a gold medal, and played soccer together. There was even a non-denominational church service available.

This was the 5th Annual Plato Academy All Pro Dad camping trip and the biggest one yet. This event is one more way Plato Academy takes it to another level. We would like to thank James Sciandra for contributing to the continued success of the All Pro Dad camping and to all the families who participated. See you all again next year!!!


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