On Monday, January 14, Plato Academy Palm Harbor 8th Grade students presented their projects at the school’s Science Fair which is a culminating activity of the scientific inquiry process — “communicating your results with the scientific community”. 

Our judges were a retired engineer, a current engineer, a chemist, and an SPC student studying science education.  They emphasized that they were very impressed by all the students’ creative ideas and enthusiasm and thoroughly enjoyed interacting with them! 

Every student was interviewed for 5-10 minutes, and from these interviews, the judges chose the following projects to receive place awards.  Multiple students win place awards for each category–the number of awards depends upon the number of students competing.  

We are extremely proud of each and every one of the 8th graders, even if they didn’t win a place award.  They were asked a lot of hard questions but showed confidence during the entire process.  They represented themselves and PAPH well! 

First place winners will compete
at the Pinellas County INTEL Science and Engineering Fair
which will be held on Saturday, February 2, 2019.

Congratulations to the following winners:


Physical Science Category


Third Place:
Samuel McLean
Quincy Skordilis
Gabby Wisz
Mark Daoud
Joshua Gant-Logan


Second Place:
Emerson Wilhite
Lucas Weaver
Abi Pounders
Maggie Labean-Fallon


First Place:
Bella Carvajal
Alice Messiah

Life Science Category


Third Place:
Xavier Kauffman
Lareina Matthias
Jayden Griggs


Second Place:
Anna Garufo
Vanessa King
Andrew King


First Place:
Hannah Herbst
William Campbell


Best in Show
Alice Messiah
Topic: How does the composition of a balloon affect its ability to hold helium?
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