On Friday, October 25 a special ceremony took place at the Clearwater campus following an impressive Veterans & OXI commemoration performance: Students who succeeded in the Ελληνομάθεια (“Knowledge of Greek”) test this year where awarded their certificates surrounded by their teachers, friends and family members. Their smiles couldn’t hide their excitement for this significant achievement.

They were introduced to the systematic learning of the Greek language at Plato Academy a few years ago as elementary students. Their teachers’ enthusiasm, creativity and love for the Greek world was transferred to them through the daily lessons incorporated into the curriculum. Daily practice in reading, writing and speaking was also enriched with activities involving Greek food cooking and tasting as well as learning about Greek mythology and the history of Greece.

By the time they reach middle school, Plato Academy students are evaluated on their knowledge of the Greek language and can achieve course credits toward their high school studies.

This group of boys and girls wanted to achieve more, so they worked on their Greek during after school hours at Plato last year toward the A2 certification. A higher standard evaluation of their skills in reading, writing, speaking and conversing in Greek language. The textbooks and tests are provided by the “Center for the Greek Language” a cultural and educational organization located in the city of Thessaloniki in Greece and is managed by the Greek Ministry of Education. Tests are evaluated by Greek teachers and the results are shipped back to Florida.

This certificate is accepted by specific institutions in the United States that offer students 3 to 6 college credits.

It is a special distinction for Plato Academy Schools to have been selected as one of the international test centers for Greek Language and we are privileged to be able to offer this service to our students.

The Plato family wishes them a life full of success!

Greek language certificates are awarded to Plato Academy Students

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Plato Academy students pose holding their certificates.

With every reason to be smiling, from left to right:

Plato Academy Greek Language Program Director Mr. Aretis Konstantinos
Zervas Maria Eleni
Lesley Piper Violet
Frantzis Thi Elaine
Panagos Alexia Victoria
Ndwiga Phillip Dylan
Zervoudakis Katherine Lynn
Leousis Aris
Schmidgall Eleni Sophia
Tsiouklas Antonia Catherine
Karazoun Sabrina Freitas (A1)
Greek language teacher Mr. Ioannis Giavaras
Plato Academy Clearwater Principal Mr. Adam Beard
Mastrogiovanni Madison Ann
Plato Academy Academic Director, Mrs. Dawn Parker
Sarantis Evangelia Kaliopi

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