On October 3rd, Captain America (aka Danny Esposito) from Boundless Global spoke to our the students at Plato Academy Clearwater to “Awaken the Wonder” and review a month long Kindness challenge.

He spoke about how bullying makes lies stick to you, hides who you really are, and how we can fight that negativity with kindness while standing up for your friends like a superhero.

Since that first visit, each time a student was found doing something that displayed caring and positivity a new ring was added to a paper “chain of kindness”. This morning, all students had the chance to display those long chains and form a connected chain long enough to encircle the school gym.

Awards went to Ms. Edge’s 3rd grade, Ms. Flack’s 5th, Ms. Muhs’ 6th, and Ms Kirchoffer’s 2nd grade for creating the longest paper chains.

A very special guest speaker was present at school. Eric Piburn, the “kindness warrior” is terminally ill but for many years he has defied all odds against him and is always happy to share his positive spirit and kindness.


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