Students practice their knowledge on financial concepts through play.

Upon entering the adult life, students will be expected to know how to write checks, manage their finances, keeping a checkbook register, knowing how to apply for a job, how to build their professional skills, and collaborate with others. After completing a six week long course in the classroom focusing on those skills, students put them to the practice by spending a day in Enterprise Village: an environment that imitates a real word bussiness community.

Students at Enterprise Village
Enterprise Village Middle School Education Area
Students at Enterprise Village
Students at Enterprise Village

5th grade students from Clearwater and St. Petersburg campus were assigned as staff in one of the twenty bussinesses that are located in the village and interacted with each other by acting as sellers as well as consumers. Through this experience they were able to understand business and consumer planning, checking and savings accounts, loans and loan payments, and acquire basic economic concepts while working together.

This field trip that occurs annually is definitely one of the best learning experiences of the school year!

Newspaper created by the students at Enterprise Village

The newspaper above was created at the “Tampa Bay Times” shop in Enterprise Village and includes articlles written by the students!

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