Students from Plato Academy Tarpon Springs, participated in the Regional Competition on March 2nd, 2019 winning 1st place for their solution to the following challenge:


Problem Synopsis

“Classics… Leonardo’s Workshop”

Imagine how inspiring Leonardo Da Vinci’s (LDV) workshop must have been. Teams will portray his workplace in an original, creative performance that includes LDV, a patron, and a naysayer. The team will recreate a DaVinci painting, make a three-dimensional representation of one of his works, and recreate another LDV work in any form the team wishes. There will also be an original “debunked” creation that LDV “invented” but discarded because it was mocked. Ironically, the item will be shown as something commonly used in modern times.


The solution had to include three works of Da Vinci’s Art, one represented in 3D, one painted with “unconventional means,” and one in any way the team chooses.  Hayden, Marina, Laki, Theodora, Sarah, and Patrick also had to write a script for a 7 – 8 min performance. They had to create the entire script, set, props, and costumes on their own. Parents, coaches, or other adults are not allowed to help in any way on the team’s solution!

The team integrated the Greek Tarpon Springs culture into their script by using a Sponge Diver theme, Epiphany, Greek names, and speaking parts of the Greek National Anthem during an interview.  They used condensed milk, fruits/vegetables, and food coloring to paint their own version of The Last Supper, they used sponges to create the rocky background of a 3D version of The Virgin of the Rocks and created a “living” Vitruvian Man.

The team also participated in the State Odyssey of the Mind competition on Saturday, April 6th where they won the 5th place!

We are very excited and proud of our students’ hard work and dedication.  They competed on April 6th, 2019 at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. More information about the event can be found on this link:

Florida Odyssey of the Mind Association is an organization with the purpose to provide opportunities for students to develop and display creative problem-solving skills in a positive atmosphere with quality sportsmanship exhibited by those involved at all levels of the tournament. Participating students’ ages range from Kindergarten all through College and they apply their creativity to solve problems that range from building mechanical devices to presenting their own interpretation of literary classics.

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