Today we are sharing two poems created by two students at Plato Academy Pinellas Park.

The Middle School students were assigned the task to write a Shakespearean sonnet, a form of lyric poetry that has strict rules for its composition. It should be 14 lines long, each line should have no more or less than 10 syllables, those syllables should be arranged in lyrical feet called iambs, it should have an ABAB CDCD EFEF GG external rhyme scheme, and finally, the last couplet should be a volta. The students were allowed to choose any topic they wished. They have never created one before.

The volta is just an Italian word for “turn,” and it describes how the meaning of the poem changes. If the first three quatrains set a tone or pose a question, the volta changes that tone or answers that question.
Of course this is not easy to do…

Please take a moment and read and enjoy Mya Manning and Zaikiya Maxey’s result of hard work.

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