One of the most important qualities of successful teachers is that they are curious professionals who set high standards for their students and themselves!

The two first days of August were very busy for our staff. The preplanning training seminars for all our teachers that take place every year at the Clearwater campus. They are the milestone marking the end of summer break and the beginning of a new and exciting school year!

Lots of welcoming hugs and smiles between friends who see each other again made everyone feel like this was not a training session but a celebration! Plato Academy educators the majority of which have been working together for many years welcomed the new teachers to the Plato family.

A lot of smiles as teachers and staff meet each other again after summer break.

On the first day, teachers arrived from their campuses at noon and were welcomed with delicious greek food.

The school principals and assistant principals introduced themselves to the new teachers and welcomed everyone back in their own special way!

Mike Rivera stepped up to the podium shortly after and provided an entertaining approach to teaching. An active teacher himself he knows first hand the challenges of this profession but he can always smile and make people laugh at the challenges.

Teachers and their mentors worked in small groups for the rest of the day planning for the year ahead.
The second day of training, Friday, August 2nd started early with multiple workshops on a variety of subjects. Veteran teachers shared specific teaching tools and strategies with the teams focusing on technology in the classroom, classroom management, project based learning, science lab experiments, classroom diferentiation, rigor, health education, first aid are just a few of the workshops.

A full list of the training workshops is available via the link below.

“The habits we form from childhood make no small difference, but rather they make all the difference”.


(Greek philosopher – Plato’s student. Aristotle tutored Alexander the Great).

The legacy of the founder of Plato Academy Schools Mr. Steve Christopoulos, continues! The schools placed a framed photo of Mr. Christopoulos at the front office of each campus as an honor to his vision!

Mr. Steve Christopoulos reading a book of Greek Mythology Tales to a group of students at the first Plato Academy School.

Plato Academy Schools are getting better every year because our teachers are always looking for ways to improve at what they already do so successfully: educating the whole child through academics, art, music, social skills, embracing and encouraging humor in learning, developing students’ individual skills and talents and equipping them to become successful and happy adults.
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