October was National Principals Month! We are so thankful for the leaders of our nine campuses and would like to take this opportunity to honor them, show our appreciation, and acknowledge their hard work and commitment everyday to our Plato family. One of the ways chosen to express those feelings was to write them on a post it note. Please take a moment to look at a few that were collected to share. 

The following is an excerpt from a recent message to our school administrators sent by our Academic Director. She describes in a few words the importance of our principals, or “Lighthouse Keepers”, and the difference they make everyday in the lives of our teachers, staff, and students.

The principal is the focal person in a school— the one that has a positive influence with all, the person who must be aware of the water leak in the classroom, the child who is struggling with math concepts, the teacher who is preoccupied because her son is at home ill without good supervision, the youngster whose parents are in the midst of a bitter divorce, and the first grader who just “discovered” how to read and is now reading everything in sight.

School leaders are faced with everyone’s problems, but they also have the joy of working with lively, interested students and adults, witnessing the exhilaration of learning, and helping people identify and solve problems. Principals have a difficult job. Principals have the children’s best interests at heart, but there are times when the needs and wants of these constituencies do not mesh and that is when you must shine your light accordingly and make the best of every situation – every single time. It is the moment your positive and “Let’s do this!” attitude kicks into effect. It is the moment you guide the way to safety and assist by helping create our future leaders. On behalf of our team, a BIG THANK YOU for all that you do!!!!


Dawn Parker
Academic Director

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