Dr. Elias M. Kolettis, Chairman

As a physician in Osteopathic/Internal Medicine and as a medical researcher, Dr. Kolettis has been able to provide his considerable knowledge in data collection and analysis, as well as his support in school fundraising and community events to the Plato North School Board. His contributions to the development of our Plato Academy’s mind, body, and wellness programs have been invaluable, especially in our mutual belief towards the education of the whole child. His extensive medical service and support network of community provider contacts contribute towards our efforts to access any needed clinical or therapeutic services. Dr. Kolettis is a parent of three Plato Academy Clearwater graduates.

Ms. Dagmar Ortiz

Ms. Ortiz is a highly successful businesswoman. Ms. Ortiz provides support and knowledge in the area of community outreach and development. Her ideas and assistance in the areas of community need and education will assist Plato Academy in meeting the needs of the community. Ms. Dagmar has children and family graduated and attending.


Mr. John Petalas

John Petalas is a successful entrepreneur in various business fields, especially in catering and restaurant management. He is a strong advocate of Plato Academy. Whenever needed, he is there to provide voluntary support to the school. Mr. Petalas’ involvement with the community and expertise in fundraising has assisted with growth in other areas. He is an advocate for student achievement and the Socratic Method of teaching. Mr. Petalas continues to be immersed in ensuring a high-quality education for all students.

Mr. Louis Kokkinakos

Mr. Kokkinakos is a local businessman with extensive involvement in philanthropic societies and organization. He is the President and CEO of Foodservice Links that manages the Florida Restaurant Purchasing Group and is the owner of the popular Widow Brown’s Restaurant in Largo, Florida. In the past, he has served as President of the Saint Stephano’s Greek Orthodox Church at Saint Petersburg, Florida. He is Plato Academy and will continue to offer his valuable expertise to the school.

Mr. Chris Alahouzos

Mr. Alahouzos is currently serving as Mayor of Tarpon Springs. He is a U.S. Marine Corp. Reserve Veteran, an active Rotary Club member, and is a community activist and supporter of quality educational programs. He has extensive knowledge in the area of telecommunications and holds an electrical engineer’s license. He is a strong supporter of the mission of Plato Academy and understands the relationship between critical thinking skills and academic success. Mr. Alahouzos is currently employed in the Southeast United States Verizon Fiber Optics Department Manager.

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