The Federation of Hellenic American Educators and Cultural Associations, in cooperation with “Athena,” the Hellenic American Teachers Association, recently honored Steve Christopoulos for his outstanding contribution to American Society, the Greek American Community, and especially his efforts to preserve Greek history and heritage.

Mr. Christopoulos thanked all Plato Academy Greek teachers for their extraordinary passion and efforts to teach young people the Greek language and about its rich history and culture.

“I promise I will continue working to preserve and celebrate the Greek language for many years to come by providing students with first-class learning opportunities and supporting Greek teachers. He said that Greek heritage gives everyone something to celebrate. “Charter schools that teach Greek as a second language should do all that they can to work together to preserve Greek language, culture, and history,” advocated Mr. Christopoulos. “Working together will ensure that we achieve our common mission.”

Students from Plato Academy Clearwater danced to Greek traditional songs with the guidance of our Greek teacher Fotis Kokkalidis.


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