With a decade of experience leading Florida schools in educational technology, continuously improving student performance and posting stellar academic results, Superior Schools enthusiastically embarks on its next IT endeavor, offering ed tech training to teachers from across the country.

Titled “Superior Tech 4 Teachers,” The Superior Schools-created conference will offer teachers from Florida and across the Nation unique hands-on opportunities to get familiar with learning apps and devices. At the Florida Charter Schools Conference, over 320 attendees expressed interest in attending the conference, which will be hosted at Plato Academy Clearwater on June 18-19, with the pre-conference day on June 17. The conference will also feature dynamic speakers, exhibitors and events designed to provide PK-12 educators and administrators with a fun way to become familiar with different technologies while increasing their expertise with the cutting edge devices, hardware, software and proven strategies for student technology integration. This pioneering move illustrates Superior Schools’ vast capabilities and dedication to integrating technology throughout the curriculum.


“We are enthusiastically committed to improving the lives of students through intelligent adoption and implementation of leading edge technologies, and, in the present case, providing teachers with excellent training and networking opportunities to grow as 21st century educators,” said Steve Christopoulos, CEO of Superior Schools. “We believe this conference will empower teachers with information and practice opportunities to become the best in their field. This conference will continue Plato Academy’s and Superior Schools’ strong standing at the forefront of the educational technology revolution.”


At the Florida Charter Schools conference, nearly 60 school principals, administrators, and teachers from across the state of Florida attended a workshop led by Plato Academy’s own dynamic technology gurus, Nick Chatzopoulos and Adam Beard—two dynamic educators who consistently inspire students through effective integration of technology in the classroom. The workshop, titled “iPads in the Classroom: Unleash Student Creativity Now!” illustrated best practices for teachers and offered many inspiring ideas. It was but a glimpse of the conference that will take place in June.


“It is a simple equation. If you get children excited about learning, they learn more. Technology, when implemented consistently, thoughtfully, and enthusiastically, increases student engagement and makes learning even the most challenging materials exciting and fun,” said Chatzopoulos. “Technology allows students to personalize their learning according to their needs, abilities, and interests.”


Superior Schools will also be at the Florida Education Technology Conference (FETC) this coming January.


For more information of how to apply for our summer conference please visit our website superiortech4teachers.com