Make a Difference in a Child’s Life

Plato Academy, a not-for-profit charter school, is grateful for the tremendous support from parents and community. Each charitable gift makes a difference for our children, who are on course to build the future.

Currently, there is a combined wait-list of over 5,000 applicants hoping to enroll in Plato Academy Schools. We are growing to meet that demand.

With facilities costs consuming much of our resources, we are reaching out to invite our community to make a donation so we can expand our student body without over-extending our budget.

Plato Academy is a community resource and your investment will ensure our success and the success of our students. Please consider a gift of to help supply the classes with the tools necessary to deliver a world-class education. Each and every donation makes a difference.

All donations go toward schools materials, programs and activities for our students in Plato Academy schools, like the following:

  • Updated Curriculum Programs
  • Computer Labs
  • New Classrooms
  • Playground Equipment
  • Multimedia Equipment
  • Field Trips
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