Message from the Academic Director

Dear Plato Academy Teachers, Mentors and Support Staff,

Together, we have boarded on this one wild bus ride on an unmapped journey, as we abruptly suspended our school year during the third week of March 2020. During these difficult times though we have seen good.

And when I say GOOD, I will refer to our part of the world, as the world is learning how teachers and staff truly care deeply about their classes and students. You have proven that schools are the backbone of the community and teachers have proven that they are more than just content deliverers. Educators are the directors that encourage and inspire critical thinking. They are the architects designing deeper learning. They are the leaders of a classroom community. The world has witnessed teachers planning, implementing, revising, collaborating and performing at an accelerated speed. Teachers are working harder than ever and having to leave their comfort zones, taking more creative risks than ever to reach our students and each other. Plato staff are driven by kindness and genuine caring even in this new reality. And that in my book is pretty amazing !!!!

I can not THANK YOU enough for being the leaders you are as you continue being the outstanding caring, committed and instructional team you all are. The Leadership Team and myself are PROUD of our Plato Family.

While your Lighthouse Keeper (Principal) had planned something special during Teacher Appreciation Week, and we continue practicing social distancing, the Leadership Team will continue to find more ways to connect and show you our appreciation. We can not wait to see you in real time & face to face, but in the meantime, enjoy your family and stay safe.


Thank you! – Ευχαριστώ!


Dawn Parker
Academic Director,
Plato Academy Schools

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