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Welcome to Plato Academy Charter Schools, where education becomes an extraordinary journey of growth and discovery. Step into a nurturing and inspiring environment that sets the stage for your child’s success. We are more than just a school – we are a family united by a shared vision of academic excellence, cultural enrichment, and boundless possibilities.

At Plato Academy, we believe in the power of education to unlock your child’s full potential. Our dedicated teachers uphold rigorous academic and behavioral standards. This ensures every student receives a well-rounded K-8 education that prepares them for a future of limitless opportunities. But what truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to Greek language and culture.

Imagine your child embarking on a daily adventure of language immersion. Unlocking the beauty of the Greek language and gaining a profound appreciation for Greek heritage. Through engaging lessons, interactive experiences, and cultural celebrations, we ignite a passion for learning that goes far beyond the classroom. Plus, our 7th and 8th graders have the unique opportunity to earn high school credit, setting them ahead on their educational journey.

At Plato Academy, we embrace a family-centered approach, where teachers, students, parents, and the community form a tight-knit alliance. Together, we create an environment where students thrive, with personalized support and guidance every step of the way.

Join us and experience the transformative power of education. Let us empower your child to exceed expectations, discover their strengths, and become a confident and well-rounded individual. Together, let’s pave the way for a future filled with academic success, cultural understanding, and a lifelong love for learning.

Greek Influence

At the heart, Plato Academy is inspired and surrounded by Greek Influence. From culture, to arts, and language. This is what sets us apart.

Character Development

Plato Academy follows the principle of effective learning: the learner’s ability to understand and interact with what is being presented.

Small School Environment

While providing a stimulating and demanding education, Plato Academy gives students a high level of individualized attention.


The mission of Plato Academy Charter Schools is to assist students in achieving their full potential by requiring and nurturing high academic and behavioral standards in a safe, supporting, challenging, and enthusiastic environment, providing a well-rounded K-8 education fortified by a study of the Greek language and culture, and fostered by a commitment and cooperative effort among the school, students, parents, and community: our family.


The vision of Plato Academy Charter Schools is to progress as a family in which all are teachers and learners and are empowered and encouraged to exceed expectations, resulting in successful graduates ready to advance into their next stage of life, equipped with a well-rounded K-8 education fortified by the study of the Greek language and culture, and excited about continuing to achieve their full potential.


Plato Academy was founded in 2004 and owes it’s success to the Former CEO of Superior Schools and manager of Plato Academy Schools, Steve Christopoulos.

Motivated by his own children’s need for a quality education, he took the helm of the first Plato Academy Charter School. During the initial months, the school faced financial woes and almost closed. However, Mr. Christopoulos did not quit. He was relentless and persisted to herald his vision of academic excellence within a culture that would build each student’s character.

We will continue to herald his vision relentlessly in order to raise the standards of our children’s education for generations to come.


At Plato Academy Charter Schools, our leadership is driven by a passionate commitment to our mission and vision. Our leadership team understands the importance of nurturing high academic and behavioral standards in a safe, supportive, and challenging environment. They are dedicated to providing a well-rounded K-8 education that is fortified by the study of the Greek language and culture. Our leaders foster a cooperative and inclusive atmosphere, where students, parents, teachers, and the community come together as one family. They empower and encourage all members of our school community to exceed expectations and strive for excellence. Through their guidance and mentorship, our leaders ensure that our students are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in their next stage of life, while instilling in them a lifelong love for learning and a desire to achieve their full potential.


Plato Academy Schools have successfully acquired full accreditation under Cognia. The Cognia Performance Standards define the characteristics of a good educational institution and provide guidelines for efforts that will grow learners, teachers, leaders, and organizations.

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At Plato Academy Schools, our commitment to educational excellence is guided by a dedicated and accomplished Board of Directors. Composed of visionary leaders, community advocates, and experienced professionals, our Board plays a pivotal role in shaping the strategic direction and ensuring the success of our organization and its nine charter schools across Florida.

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