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“Art has no end, but its own perfection.”

– Plato
Greek Philosopher

These timeless words by Plato resonate deeply within the halls of Plato Academy Schools, where we believe in the transformative power of arts education. Our art department stands as a testament to our commitment to providing a state of the art artistic experience for our students. Through a comprehensive and disciplined approach, we nurture their creative talents, instill a deep appreciation for the arts, and empower them to reach new heights of self-expression.

Join us as we explore the excellence of the Plato Academy Schools art department and its impact on our students’ journey of expression through art.

Discipline-Based Arts Education: Cultivating Artistic Excellence

At Plato Academy Schools, our art department is guided by a robust Discipline-Based Arts Education program. This program encompasses four essential components:

Art Production

Art History

Art Criticism


By integrating these elements into our curriculum, we ensure that all students receive a well-rounded and rigorous study of the arts. Through hands-on art-making experiences, students discover their unique creative voices, explore various mediums, and develop technical skills that form the foundation of their artistic abilities.

Integration with Other Disciplines

Furthermore, our art curriculum seamlessly integrates with other disciplines, such as math and social studies. By fostering interdisciplinary connections, we empower students to see the interconnectedness of different subjects, enhancing their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. The arts become a gateway to deeper understanding, allowing students to express their knowledge and ideas through visual storytelling and creative interpretations.

Through hands-on art-making experiences, students discover their unique creative voices, explore various mediums, and develop technical skills that form the foundation of their artistic abilities.

Showcasing Talents and Celebrating Creativity

Every year, our students eagerly await the opportunity to showcase their talents and creativity to their family and friends through our annual student art exhibit. This highly anticipated event is a celebration of their artistic achievements, providing a platform for their works to be admired and appreciated. It serves as a testament to the dedication of our art department in nurturing their artistic growth and fostering a sense of pride in their abilities.

Through the student art exhibit, our students not only gain confidence in their artistic endeavors but also develop important presentation skills and the ability to articulate their artistic choices. The exhibit serves as a catalyst for dialogue, sparking conversations about creativity, self-expression, and the power of visual communication. It creates a supportive community that values and cherishes the artistic endeavors of every student, reinforcing their sense of belonging and encouraging them to continue exploring their artistic passions.

Embracing the Artistic Journey
Igniting Creativity at Plato Academy Schools

At Plato Academy Schools, we invite students, parents, and the wider community to join our thriving arts community. Our art department stands as a beacon of creativity, nurturing students’ artistic talents and fostering a lifelong appreciation for the arts. Through disciplined instruction, interdisciplinary connections, and opportunities to showcase their work, we empower our students to embrace their artistic journey with passion and purpose.

Join us as we unlock the transformative power of arts education at Plato Academy Schools.

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