At Plato Academy, we believe in open and honest communication with all stakeholders. To direct you to the right person to help you, we’ve compiled a list of contacts to get you in touch with the best person to help you.


For school-based inquiries, please contact individual schools directly.

*Please note, it is best to try to resolve school-based conflicts at the school level first. If you believe you’ve exhausted all avenues locally, we will be happy to try and help resolve the situation at the corporate level if possible.

For parent assistance and conflict resolution, please contact Matt Gunderson at

For employment opportunities at

For Enrollment information, please contact the Rina Psomas at


Please be aware that student privacy is protected by state and federal laws. We will always assist in helping you understand various situations, but we cannot ever discuss individual student issues – even if parents of the student have chosen to discuss issues with the media.

We have strict privacy policies and must protect the identity of all of our students. If you need footage of students, we will obtain appropriate photo releases.