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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the school hours?
8:40 am to 3:10 pm for K-8 students
Is there a tuition?
We do not charge tuition. However, parents are responsible for the Before Care and After School activities tuition and fees.
What is your school capacity and class size?
We average 18 students per class for Kindergarten through 3rd grade and 22 students per class for 4th through 8th grade.
Do you have bus transportation?
No. We do not provide school bus transportation.
Do you have aftercare programs available?
Yes, we will offer before and after care for a minimal additional charge. The Before Care program is from 7 am – 8 am and our before care from 3 pm – 6 pm.
How can my child be placed in gifted classes?
Gifted placement requires high academic performance, a specific IQ score and a teacher rating scale that must meet district requirements. There is an extensive process that must be followed before any child is placed in gifted classes.
Do you offer a summer program?
Yes, we do offer a summer camp program. Please contact the campus that you are interested to learn more about our summer camp locations.
Which languages do you offer?
We offer Greek as a second language. Please visit the Greek influence section of the website for more information.
What curriculum does Plato Academy follow?

Plato Academy follows the Florida Standards and supplements with rigorous material and offers meaningful experiences that help to develop the whole child. The curriculum’s sequence is rational, with more complex ideas building on simpler ones, respecting each student’s developmental levels and prior learning. Teachers and students are accountable for all state and local assessments in addition to internal formal and informal assessments and observations (e.g., Florida Assessment, Benchmark Assessments, FSA, and classroom assessments).

Are student required to wear uniforms?
Yes. All Plato Academy students are required to be in proper uniform. Risse Brothers is our sole uniform provider. Please visit the Uniforms section of the website for more information.
Are breakfast and lunch served at school?
Yes. Lunch and breakfast are provided daily. Students are also welcome to pack a bagged lunch. Your child may qualify for a free or reduced-price breakfast and lunch. Applications are accepted starting the first day of school.
What is the difference between Plato Academy and a regular public school?

Plato Academy is funded in the same way as a public school and must adhere to all State and Federal guidelines governing public schools. We have the autonomy to select our own instructional resources and the freedom to tailor our academics and special offerings to meet the needs of our population.

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