Message from Plato Academy Schools Board of Directors

November 6th, 2019
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Empowering All Learners to Exceed Expectations!
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Carline Procedures

Dear Plato Academy Tampa Families, student safety is our number one job. Please help me ensure that students and parents are safe here at school by following a few simple rules during pick up and drop off.

1. Enter from the east side of the property.
2. Exit from the west side of the property.
3. Right turn only when exiting.
4. Park only in the designated sections for parents.
5. Have your student pick up signs ready and easy to see whether you are in car line or parking to pick up a walker.
6. Please do not park anywhere directly in front of the school building!
Thank you for taking safety seriously!



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Matt Gunderson
of Plato Academy Tampa

Dear Plato Academy Family,

Welcome to Plato Academy Tampa. Fully accredited through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Plato Academy Tampa represents the best in school choice. Our prestigious tuition-free public charter schools are smaller in size than traditional public and charter schools and we take the time to get to know each child very well to better teach them according to their unique interests, learning styles, and abilities. Our accelerated liberal arts curriculum combined with second language instruction in the Classical and Modern Greek Language provides students with exciting technology-infused, hands-on, project-based learning opportunities that result in memorable, inspiring experiences.

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Our vision: The Plato Academy Schools family empowers all learners to exceed expectations!

The mission of Plato Academy Charter Schools is to assist students in achieving their full potential by requiring and nurturing high academic and behavioral standards in a safe, supporting, challenging and enthusiastic environment fostered by a commitment and cooperative effort between the school, students, parents, and community.

Plato Academy Schools are fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and schools as managed by AdvancED. SACS provides nationally recognized accreditation, the purpose of which is continuous school improvement focused on increasing student performance. To earn accreditation, schools must meet SACS CASI’s high standards, be evaluated by a team of professionals from outside the school and implement a continuous process of school improvement.