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Plato Academy Schools Board Meeting

A Regular Plato Academy Schools Board Meeting will take place on July 2 at 2:30 pm. More details on this page.

June 9, 2020

We are here for you


Plato Academy’s mission statement describes the environment of our schools as “fostered by a commitment and cooperative effort among the school, students, parents, and community.”

These last few months have been a challenge for us on many fronts. We wish to offer our families, caregivers, staff, and stakeholders the support and promise to be there for your needs. Our counselors, administrators, and staff strive to provide an inclusive learning environment, one in which we lift all equally to achieve their highest potential. If you or your family needs support, we are here; just reach out. Plato Academy is more than academics, and we are proud to support our families. Our commitment will always be to you.

As we proceed toward the 2020-21 school year, Plato Academy is preparing for a safe and healthy school opening by readying our schools and our staff for both a physical and mental health safety plan. As details develop, we will keep you informed. For now, let us come together as school and community to support each other and our students.

Have a wonderful summer!

Plato Academy Seminole Family Update

June 1, 2020

June Family Update


 Greetings, wonderful Plato Academy Seminole families,

Although this school year began like every other year, the 2019-2020 school year ended like no other. It was bittersweet in so many ways. The lessons learned of strength, resiliency, flexibility, perseverance, and determination will be taken into our future school years to come. We have learned a greater appreciation of our personal connections and relationships, as well as how quickly we can adapt and be successful in completely new and uncharted situations. On the other hand, it was difficult to not be able to say goodbye face-to-face to each of our students and families, and to personally wish everyone a relaxing and joyous summer break. It was not how any of us would have chosen to end the school year. But like the Phoenix Family we are, we have risen stronger and more courageous than ever.

We are grateful beyond words for your support and partnership this school year, especially in the last months of school. Our distance learning program would not have been the success it was without you. The home/school connections have always been valued and important, but they were absolutely essential during our online schooling. The saying “it takes a village” is even more meaningful and appropriate now, and all of us at Plato Seminole are thankful for you and your partnership.

So on this very first day of summer, please know how much we care for and appreciate you, and how very much we miss you. Please be safe and stay well!

Karen Staab,

Plato Academy Seminole Family Update

May 14, 2020

Volunteer Opportunities!

We love our families at PAS, and want to provide as many opportunities for you to participate and volunteer. The more we work together, the more successful our students and school will be!

There are many ways for families to volunteer:

Field trips
PTO meetings
SAC meetings
Fundraising events
Scholastic Book Fairs
Spirit Nights
Teacher Luncheons
Classroom door decorations
Assisting Teachers

The opportunities are almost endless in how you can assist and support our school. Please reach out to your student’s teacher for ways you can help at home too.

Please be sure to click the link below to log your volunteer hours. Remember, each family is responsible for donating a combined total of 30 hours, so make sure to log your hours!

*Remember, level 2 clearance is only required if you are chaperoning on a field trip. Volunteering in school does not require level 2 clearance.

Thank you for all you do in support of our students and school. We are grateful for your partnership!

Student Absence

School Year

School Uniform Shopping

Focus Parent Account Information

Log your Volunteer Hours for 2019-2020

Add the school events to your own google calendar by clicking on the “+GoogleCalendar” button. (Above).

Karen Staab Principal of Plato Academy Seminole

Karen Staab
of Plato Academy Seminole

10888 126th Ave. N.
Largo, FL 33778

Dear Plato Academy Family,

Plato, the great, ancient Greek Philosopher, and our school’s namesake said, “Ideas are the source of all things.” Good ideas lead to good actions.

We believe in helping students achieve their fullest potential and aim to have all our actions lead toward that goal. We think we achieve that goal in many different ways every single day. The result is that Plato Academy Seminole parents, students, teachers, and community members focus their energy toward a common goal.

All students, from kindergarten to 7th grade have their own Ipad loaded with powerful apps for use at school and at home. Our 8th-grade students have their own laptops. Teachers and students use Smart Boards in every classroom. Students report the news to each other from a brand new school-based TV station. There is a lot of excitement happening at Plato Academy Seminole. Come see what all the buzz is about!

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The mission of Plato Academy Charter Schools is to assist students in achieving their full potential by requiring and nurturing high academic and behavioral standards in a safe, supporting, challenging, and enthusiastic environment, providing a well-rounded K-8 education fortified by a study of the Greek language and culture, and fostered by a commitment and cooperative effort among the school, students, parents, and community: our family.


The vision of the Plato Academy Charter Schools is to progress as a family in which all are teachers and learners and are empowered and encouraged to exceed expectations, resulting in successful graduates ready to advance into their next stage of life, equipped with a well-rounded K-8 education fortified by the study of the Greek language and culture, and excited about continuing to achieve their full potential.

Plato Academy Schools are fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and schools as managed by AdvancED. SACS provides nationally recognized accreditation, the purpose of which is continuous school improvement focused on increasing student performance. To earn accreditation, schools must meet SACS CASI’s high standards, be evaluated by a team of professionals from outside the school and implement a continuous process of school improvement.

Plato Academy Seminole is graded A school