Plato Academy Tarpon Springs

Danielle Turro
of Plato Academy Tarpon Springs

Dear Plato Academy Family,

Through the guidance of parents and educators, children learn who they are and who they are not. Children learn who they want to be, and who they do not want to be. Perhaps most importantly, children learn the skills they need to make their own vision of themselves possible. My vision for every child at Plato Academy is that they have the skills and opportunities to pursue their dreams and that they are prepared for success when opportunities present themselves.

Truly I have felt that education and working with children has been my life calling. I have never felt more whole or useful as when I have made even the smallest difference in the life of a child. It is for this reason that I strive on a daily basis to connect with students and create an environment that is safe, nurturing, but also personally and academically challenging. When children are provided with the opportunities of discovering their unique intellectual qualities and fullest potential, their self-confidence will flourish and in turn promote successful academic performance and social-emotional development.

“I am happy at Plato Academy. My teachers challenge me but they care about me even more.” - Plato Academy Tarpon Springs Student

“My son comes home with the school issued-iPad and practices skills and researches. Learning doesn’t stop when he leaves school and homework isn’t a chore anymore. With the iPad, he learns how to use technology and I think that is really important in this day and age.” - Plato Academy Tarpon Springs Parent

Campus Information

2795 Keystone Rd
Tarpon Springs, FL 34688
PHONE: 7279396413
FAX: 7279396414

School Grade: A


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